Pike Brothers is a German clothing brand that specializes in creating vintage-inspired workwear and outdoor clothing. The brand was founded in 1930 by brothers George and Joseph Pike, who initially created workwear for American soldiers stationed in Europe.

Today, Pike Brothers is known for its high-quality denim clothing, including jeans, jackets, and shirts. The brand uses traditional manufacturing techniques and sources its materials from the best mills in Japan, Italy, and the USA to create authentic and durable garments that are both stylish and functional.

Pike Brothers’ denim clothing is designed to last and age beautifully over time. The brand’s jeans, for example, are made with selvedge denim, which is woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms and has a distinctive, narrow edge that prevents fraying. Pike Brothers’ denim jackets and shirts feature authentic details such as copper buttons, reinforced stitching, and chest pockets.

The brand is popular with fashion enthusiasts and vintage collectors who appreciate its commitment to quality and authenticity.